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We make color consulting 

Chocolate Sauce & Mint, Inc.™ is a Color Consultant Interior Design Firm. We use our 19+ years of experience to provide world-class design support. And the use of Glidden professional paint color palettes of delicious-sounding food and ingredients gives us a trusting application and solid and fun colors. Although our corporate office is in Alpharetta, Ga, our expertise can go anywhere.

Chocolate Sauce & Mint, Inc.™ values define our business process, and we are a no-fuss team of experts who know color well and love people. Our team of senior-level designers includes natural food, flowers, fabrics, and architecture during the in-home color consultation. To aid in decisions, we educate clients on the expert use of paint to help budget and produce positive project-led transformations. Our services include:

  • Color Consulting

  • Interior Design

  • Accessorizing

  • Custom Window Seats

  • Staging for Children's Projects

  • Custom Bedding for Children's Spaces

Our concept is available for residential, retail, hotels, model homes, and children's spaces, and our color consulting fees can range from $300 for a small or mid-sized project to $500 or more for a larger project. Interior design costs will vary, and every project will range accordingly. Contact our senior design consultants for a free over-the-phone consultation today!


Our winning children's staging division will be the sweetest interior design you'll ever receive in a trade partnership with Crate & Kids. Our sewing experts offer custom children's bedding options with our signature bow of ribbon detail. Let us exclusively transform your project using our knowledge of color balance and perfect pièce de résistance in accessories.

Our company aims to be the best and the kindest color consultant and design firm in the world.


Our team is led by founder and Senior Interior Designer Trebresa Smith, who started this business in her kitchen and whose passion for romance design and chocolate was her inspiration. This trained vocalist and editorial writer are excited to bring her approach to color and her expert eye for fluidity. At Chocolate Sauce & Mint Inc ™, we will focus on the design and mood-setting balance. As a private company, we take great pride in our partnerships and are very selective about choosing materials and finishing.

Learn more about our services below and schedule a consultation. We'd like to hear from you!


Chocolate Sauce & Mint, Inc.™ values define our business process, and we are a no-fuss team of experts who know color well and love people.


We offer Interior/Exterior Color Layout and design for the following:

  • Residential Owner Suites

  • Residential Bathrooms

  • Residential Kitchens

  • Residential Living Areas

  • Residential & Commercial Children's Spaces

  • Staging for Residential and Commercial Children's Projects

  • Residential Dining Areas

  • Residential Basements

  • Residential Exterior

  • Retail Common Areas

  • Retail Restrooms

  • Restaurant Dining Areas

  • Restaurant Restrooms

  • Hotel Suites/Lobby's

  • Trim Color Consulting

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